Twisted Snapshots
Hyper Death
The Way We Were: Adventures in Childhood
The True Life Adventures of Betty Cakes
Mist of the Moment
Katy and the Colt
My Loss God's Promise
Ok God, it's me
Mist of the Moment
The Painted Glass Dolphin
The Stars Show Themselves
Tales and Trails: A Western Odyssey
Alternate Perspectives
Awakening from Terror
All of Us in Darkness
Mama's Dark Secrets
Antiques to Die For
Letters from Dale
Mosie Lou and the Teacher
The Chance
Ashes Ashes
Destiny Called My Name
Tales of the Untold
Brigantina's Journey
The Diner
Guided by the Shepherd
Journey to Freedom and Independence
Chain of Events
Passenger with the Airbag Off
Alice Was Not Her Name
Zodiac Problems
Murder Mystery & Mayhem
Happiness is Hard to Find
Exiles No More
Christmas Treasures: From our Past to Your Present
Kissing it All Goodbye
Kinder Castle
And Another Thing...
The Round Rock Seven

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A Candy Cane Christmas
The River Beyond the Woods
Poetry Pathways
The Laws of Love
Prairie Stories
A Recipe for Prime Rib
Dating Dreams and Nightmares
On Bricktown Canal
Tuna, Uncanned
Goodbye My Darling, Hello My Dear
On His Way to heaven
Age of the Muscle Car
Raven's Song
A Different Season
Helena and the Haunted Hospital
Mail Order Bride
Reef Afire
Secondhand Cowboys
Prose Quotes and Short Stories
Oakie: A Tree and a Boy