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What do we do?

This site is for writers and book lovers and anything to do with writing.  We write poetry, short stories, novels of all kinds, and non-fiction, memoirs as well as articles for magazines and newspapers.


We do writing exercises, enter contests & open mic nights, local events, radio shows, and work at getting published and making money doing the same.


We have published chapbooks and broadsides and newspaper articles, while we work at our larger submissions.

Our writers are not only learning the ins and outs of book marketing, but we are exploring all our creative writing gifts. 

The goal is to get published, receive credit, money, and  for our writings.  We have a lot of fun and hope that you will join us!

We write on!

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Creative Quills classes continue through the Spring and Summer at the El Reno Carnegie Library!  Join us from 10:30am-12:30pm every other Tuesday.  call the library ahead of time to check it out!  405.262.2409

NEW CREATIVE QUILLS Group of KINGFISHER starts Tuesday, June 13, at 10am at Kingfisher Memorial Library.

No experience necessary!  Fun exercises to get you going!  Safe environment for newbies!

Contact for more info!


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what we do


The Way We Were: Adventures in Childhood

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Andrea foster, the booklady

Tales 7 Trails: A Western Odyssey

Visit one of our Creative Quills writer events by joining us at


Or contact us at El Reno Carnegie Library at


Or via CVTech at 405.262.2629


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what we do


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Andrea Foster is an editor and author who has been in every facet of the book industry since 1977.  She has worked in all forms of the media, including television and radio, in and around the Houston, TX area.  

She currently teaches writing as an adjunct instructor at Redlands Community College and Write, Publish, & Market Your Book at Canadian Valley Vocational Center (CVTech) in El Reno, OK. 

She also teaches the Creative Quills Creative Writing Group at the El Reno Carnegie Library in El Reno, OK and in Kingfisher, OK as well as a memoir writing class at the Chisholm Trail Museum.

Andrea does freelance editing and can be reached at or 405.368.5047, text or leave message.  Email:

Creative Quills FREE Writing Group every other Tuesday at 10:30am at El Reno Carnegie Library.  Contact 

or call 405.262.2409. FREE

Kingfisher Creative Quills FREE Writing Group every other Tuesday at 10am at Kingfisher Memorial Library, beginning June 13. Contact Kingfisher Livrary at 405.375.3384   FREE 

FREE Memoir Writing Group at Chisholm Trail Museum, 605 Zellers, Kingfisher, OK, Tuesdays at 2pm.  Call Chisholm Trail Museum at 405.375.5176 for info.

Write, Publish, & Market Your Book 8-week class begins Monday, mid-August 2017 at 6:00pm at CVTech, Rt. 66, El Reno, OK. Call 405.262.2629 for registration.  $99  Senior Discounts available.

Creative Writing Classes 8-week class begins Tuesday, mid-August 2017 at 5pm at CVTech, Rt. 66, El Reno, OK.  Call 405.262.2629 for registration.  Fee TBA.

Finish Your Book 8 week class begins Wednesday mid-August 2017 at 4pm

at CVTech, Rt. 66, El Reno, OK.  Call 405.262.2629 for registration. Fee TBA.


Write, Publish, & Market Your Book II WORKSHOP CLASS

8-week class begins Wednesday, mid-August 2017 at 6:00pm at CVTech, Rt. 66, El Reno, OK. Call 405.262.2629 for registration. $99